Hi! My name is Gunjan and welcome to Things To Dot: my travel, lifestyle and motivation blog. I am a solo-traveler, blogger, photographer and social media influencer based in India and traveling the world. I am also a TEDx speaker. As far back as I can remember, I have loved exploring new places but I never thought I could turn my passion for travel into a profession. I launched www.thingstodot.com in January, 2017, and in the course of two years have traveled to 20+ countries.

I am also a trained fashion designer from Milan, Italy, and before starting my blog, had my own fashion label. I have also learnt German at the Goethe Institute in Germany, and besides German (and English), I also speak Italian and Hindi (which is my mother tongue).

I have an Instagram following of 88k, and work with/have worked with numerous brands around the world like Vivo phones, Radisson hotels and Cream Clothing from Denmark.

How i started my travel blog

I started blogging in May, 2015 when I launched www.sourcingstyle.com, a fashion and lifestyle blog. Initially, I was only posting links to online sales to help my friends get good deals when they shopped online. Slowly, I started reviewing pieces from my own wardrobe and then modeling my own clothes. I would wake up at 5 a.m., and go into the front lawn of my house and take my own pictures with a tripod.

After a few months of experimenting like this, I went to London and learnt how to do my own makeup for my blogposts at the London School of Beauty & Makeup. I would roam the streets of London with my tripod and hunt for locations where I could shoot my own photos! I even stopped at a graveyard once! Towards the end of my trip, I connected with some London based photographers and got some really good results. Eventually I started connecting with more and more local photographers for taking my photos on my trips.

I am a wanderer at heart and love to explore new places and cultures and meet new people. As I was doing my fashion blog, i realized that even though i loved fashion, travel was what I really wanted to do, so I started www.thingstodot.com. I still have a section on fashion in this blog, with photos that I took of myself in London, as well as the front lawn of my house!


Towards the end of 2017, when I had only about 5,000 followers on Instagram, I wrote to several fashion brands to sponsor my clothing for an upcoming trip to New Zealand. Despite my small following, the marketing manager of one of the big brands got back. She liked my pictures from Singapore and Japan so much that she sent me the brand's spring 2018 collection including shoes and bags! The brand liked my pictures from New Zealand very much and offered me to shoot their next collection in another exotic destination. This time not only was my clothing sponsored but I was paid to travel as well. 

Meditation and RIGHT ATTITUDE

The best decision I ever made in my life was to start my blog. I love what I do and do what I love! I think when the motive is right, everything else falls into place. Seems like life has come back a full circle to me and everything I have ever done till now has connected and become whole. One just needs to have patience, perseverance, a joyful heart and the right attitude, which comes to me through daily, deep meditation.


Dots. The Sun appears as a dot from the far away galaxies. The Earth appears as a tiny dot seen from about 6 billion kilometers. When you travel, you appear as dots on the navigator. Things to dot is my blog about Dotting the Map Of Life.