Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images News / Getty Images
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images News / Getty Images

The last time I arrived at LAX after a long-haul flight, I decided to take the Uber cab from the airport to my destination in L.A. This would be the first time I would be riding with Uber from the airport instead of a regular cab which made me a little anxious, however, it worked out to be a great option! Here are a few useful tips from my first-hand experience of my first Uber ride from the airport in Los Angeles. Please note that I took the Uber cab from the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. 

1. Booking a ride

If you don't have a phone sim, you can use the airport wi-fi service to book a ride.

2. Uber pick-up point

Usually the app tells you where to meet your driver. If you are arriving from an international flight, after you come up on the ramp where people are waiting to receive passengers, head a few feet left to take the elevator and go one floor up to the ground level. After exiting, again turn left and walk for a few feet to pick-up point C where it says ride-service. This is the pick-up point for the Uber cabs.

3. Contacting the driver

After you book a ride, always remember to contact the driver and let him/her know where you are standing. If you don't have a phone sim, you can message the driver. When you tap 'contact' on the uber app, it gives you two options either to call or message the driver. If the driver can't get in touch with you, he can cancel the ride.

4. Uber pool or Uber X

Uber pool works out really cheap and if you are traveling with one checked-in bag only, you might want to book a pool. If you have a couple of checked in bags, Uber X or anything up is better. My friend and I had three checked-in bags and hand luggage as well, and we still managed with the Uber X! We had a good driver who adjusted two bags on the front seat of his car!

5. Costs

I paid $28 from LAX to Pacific Palisades. You can check out Uber prices from anywhere in the world by typing in your location and where you want to go.