How a simple introspection chart is changing my life & helping me achieve my goals

me at mount cook, new zealand. Photo: ROB BROWN

me at mount cook, new zealand. Photo: ROB BROWN

Recently I had my friend Sofia visiting me from Australia, and we were discussing about our goals and ambitions, and how to keep ourselves motivated to achieve them. She told me about how she was using an introspection chart to help her rid herself of bad habits. Apparently, she had been getting wonderful results using the chart. I was meeting her after almost an year and it was obvious to me that she had made definite progress in the direction of her goals. She was a changed person!

Sofia’s Introspection Chart

The chart that Sofia has devised for herself is based on the principal of what can be measured can be improved. And this is how it works. You take a calendar of the current month or make one on a blank sheet of paper. On the top of the calendar, you list down two or three things that you want to change in yourself. Then you paste the calendar on a wall or a door where you can see it often, and at the end of each day if you have been successfully able to overcome the two or three things that you wanted to change, you put a tick mark for that day, otherwise you put a cross. It doesn’t matter if you get more crosses than ticks, the idea is to keep recording the crosses and the ticks. And it works! The only thing to keep in mind is that you don’t overwhelm yourself by wanting to change too many things all at the same time. Starting with just one, two or three small things, can really help change the course of your life.

My Story

This is how the simple act of ticking and crossing everyday changed my life! Since I am a blogger and social media influencer, the temptation to look at my phone and check my Instagram and email immediately on waking up is very strong. I also know from experience that the first couple of hours of the day are most important, and they set the tone for the rest of the day. The days I wake up with the internet, I am moody, depressed, emotional, anxious, worried and extremely restless. I feel sapped of will-power and don’t feel motivated to work on my goals. I feel a compulsive need to keep checking my Instagram all the time. With my mind running in all directions, I feel no intuitive guidance from within, and fear making wrong-decisions. I may also snap at people around me costing me valuable business relationships.

How the ticks and crosses are changing my life

Having an introspection chart and pasting it where I can see it everyday, is really helping me change myself and achieve my goals. The days I am ticking and crossing on the calendar, I feel a sense of direction and purpose in my life. A couple of weeks pass, and I don’t look at my Instagram and email till 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Somehow getting that tick mark for the day becomes more important for me than checking my social media. With fewer distractions, I have started writing regularly on my blog again, something I haven’t been able to do so much in the last one year. The other day I was at the dry cleaners and it was 11 a.m. and suddenly a mobile phone started to ring. I was so relieved that it was not mine and that I was not in the cell-phone-social-media consciousness! I had purposely left my phone at home that day, in fact I had not even switched it on that morning! Being content and happy within, I am kinder to people and listen to them more.


Just the simple act of ticking and crossing everyday, will make you want to change. You will naturally want to have more ticks. Even if you get only crosses in the beginning, over a period of time the graph will start changing and there will be more ticks than crosses. Then you can move on to bigger goals and bigger things you want to change in your life. You will have a growing feeling of self-worth, contentment and happiness in in your heart, knowing that you and not anything or anyone else, is in control of your life.