Getting to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen with Flytoget, the airport express train

Flytoget, to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway. Image©

Flytoget, to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway. Image©

I stayed in Oslo for two nights on my way back from Tromso in northern Norway. When I arrived at the Oslo Gardermoen airport, I took the high-speed airport express train called the Flytoget to go to the Grand Hotel in the city center where I was staying. Here are some of the things I want to share with you about my experience taking the Flytoget train.

Card Payments 

At the arrival terminal a security officer helped me purchase the Flytoget ticket from a ticketing machine with my Visa card.

Ticketless Travel

When I was returning to the Oslo airport, I took the same train back from the Central Station (sentralstasjon). However, since the train was about to leave, I did not have the time to purchase a ticket and simply swiped my Visa card in the card reader next to the train before boarding. On arrival at the Oslo airport, I swiped the same card again to get through the barrier! I did not need a ticket!


A one way single ticket to the National Theatre (Nasjonalteateret) underground station, the closest stop to the Grand Hotel in the city-center, cost me NOK 180. The prices vary depending on the stop you are getting off at. Children, youth and students get special discounts.  

The Train

The train was comfortable and clean. It was on time and brought me to the city center in approx. 20 minutes. However, I found that the Norwegians were very reserved people and I felt extremely shy to ask anybody to give me a hand with my luggage!

National Theatre underground station/Nasjonalteateret

The National Theater underground station had ramps so I could easily roll my bags up to the exit. In all my travels in Europe, this was the first time I ever saw ramps in an underground which was very impressive and convenient!   

Choosing the right stop

Even though National Theater is only a few minutes walk to the Grand Hotel, I would have preferred to take the train to the Central Station and get a cab from there to the hotel. When I arrived at the National Theater station, it was snowing. It took me all my effort to drag my bags on the icy roads and snow covered sidewalks, to the hotel. Fortunately, a very kind lady approached me and helped me to bring my luggage to the hotel!

The day I was leaving Oslo, I ordered a cab at the hotel for the Central Station from where I took the Flytoget back to the airport. 


The train runs every 10 minutes. You can also get to the airport with the normal train which is not the Flytoget and costs less but takes more time.