Exploring Panagsama town & beach, a short distance from Moalboal, in Cebu, Philippines

Panagsama, Philippines. Photo: Brad Chilby (https://chilby.com.au/). Photo©www.thingstodot.com.

Panagsama, Philippines. Photo: Brad Chilby (https://chilby.com.au/). Photo©www.thingstodot.com.

Panagsama is a small town in the south of Cebu in the Philippines, famous for the Panagsama beach and its many restaurants serving traditional and international cuisines. It is about 4 km from Moalboal.

I first heard about Panangsama at the Blue Orchid Resort in Moalboal where I was staying. My friend and I had had a long day of visiting waterfalls in Cebu. By the time we got back to the resort around 8:30 p.m., the resort's restaurant had already closed. The manager at the resort suggested that if we wanted to eat, we should go to Panagsama. Since we hadn't eaten anything all day, we asked our driver (I had rented a car with a driver for my trip to Cebu; all information on driver and tour guides at the end of the post) to take us there.

It was a fifteen-minute drive before we arrived in Panagsama. From the outside, it looked like a vibrant little town with plenty of restaurants serving different kinds of international cuisines. We were so tired that we just went to the first restaurant that looked good. It seemed like a backpacker's inn cum restaurant. I ordered a lasagna while my friend had potato wedges. The food was excellent. There was also free wi-fi for guests. We came back to Panagsama the next afternoon when we took a walk around town.

Panagsama, Philippines. Photo: Brad Chilby (https://chilby.com.au/). Photo©www.thingstodot.com.

Panagsama, Philippines. Photo: Brad Chilby (https://chilby.com.au/). Photo©www.thingstodot.com.

The town is tiny and is full of eateries, dive-shops, hostels, and inns. Even though the beach is only a small strip of sand, you can go snorkeling here. You can explore a sardine run (when millions of fish cluster together to form a big fish as a defense mechanism) just off the shore of the small Panagsama Beach. Contact the dive shops on the coast if you are interested in this kind of diving.

The restaurants at Panagsama offer an amazing variety of food, including seafood, French crepes, pizzas, and Mexican food. There are also several bars here, the most famous one being Chili Bar. Both my friend and I don't drink, so we didn't stop at the bar.

Travelers usually stay in Panagsama but use the White Beach in Moalboal, which is only about 15 minutes drive (or a motorbike ride) from here.

Tour guide and driver, contact information

For my trip to southern Cebu, I hired private guides whom I found online through another travel blog. They are young Filipino boys and licensed canyoneering instructors in Kawasan and live in Badian. They know the island very well. I also hired a driver who lives in Moalboal. They were all helpful, decent people, and we were fortunate to find them. Here are their contact numbers:

Mike Vincent, and you can get in touch with him on Whatsapp at 09363859321 or through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mikevincent.africano.9.

His friend Wilson was the one who took us canyoneering. Wilson's phone number is 09975063173 and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wilson.capacio.

The driver's name is Bogs, and his phone number is 09677201369.

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