Why Scottish men are every woman's dream come true

Even though I was in Scotland only for a week and even though I only accidentally ran into Scottish men in my short trip there, judging by their friendliness and unprecedented good manners, I am convinced that they should be every woman's dream come true. Personally, I am way too old for this sort of a thing or perhaps a little too self-confident to be entrapped in the wonders of love, but any woman who still has faith in her childhood fantasies of a perfect love and is still single, should by all means move to Scotland to find her Prince Charming there.


After having spent two weeks in London amongst the stiff upper lipped Brits, Scotland was a welcome change. London left my heart barren and dry, whereas in Scotland I started feeling human again! Londoners can either blame me for forming quick judgements or take inspiration from the kind-hearted Scot whom I met at the London King's Cross Station, while boarding the train to Edinburgh. This nice man who was a complete stranger to me, not only carried my heavy suitcases to my coach but also settled me in my seat and only left after making sure that everything was fine. When I thanked him for his kind-heartedness, he said that whenever his mother traveled alone, she always got help from fellow passengers and that through his service to me, he was only returning a small part of the favour done to his mother. I was very impressed by his courtesy but not to the point of falling in love - as I just mentioned, I am way above the delusory snares of such pointless emotions, but for those who believe, read on...!

Once the train started, I quickly forgot about my suitcases and lost myself in the beauty of the passing picturesque landscape - sheep and horse farms, mountains, lakes and rivers. English countryside can be truly breathtaking and gets even lovelier as one approaches Scotland.


At the Edinburgh platform, I asked another Scot to help me with my bags. He astonished me yet again with his kindness by carrying them for me from the train coach, up the flight of stairs to the main exit where I could roll them easily to the taxi stand! This experience repeated itself when I was taking the train from Edinburgh to Inverness and then again from Inverness to London King's Cross, by which time I was truly floored by the chivalry of Scottish men! I have traveled extensively in Europe and always thought that German men were the most thoughtful and attentive, however, what I experienced in Scotland was way out of this world!


Scottish men can also be incredibly good-looking. I remember on my last day in Inverness, as I was checking out of the hotel at 6 a.m., still half asleep and tired as hell despite the long hot shower and two cups of coffee, I was suddenly wide-awakened by the handsome face of the Scottish man who stood in front of me at the front office and was checking me out. It was as if Hugh Jackman had come live in front of me and I almost wanted to click his picture for this post but felt way too shy to ask him! I even ran back from the cab to click him, but by this time his colleagues had appeared at the front desk and I did not want to embarrass him!


As you may already know, Scotland is dotted with castles and if you are lucky, your man may even come with a castle or two, but let us be sincere and not make a castle the reason for falling in love.:)

P.S. This post is intended for those who still believe that love is a many splendored thing. As for me, none of the above shall drive me into falling in love except love itself......if such a thing exists.