Things to do in Baden Baden: the curative healing water baths of Caracalla Therme & Spa

Caracalla Therme, Baden Baden, Germany. Image©

Caracalla Therme, Baden Baden, Germany. Image©

Baden Baden is a beautiful spa town located at the foot of the Black Forest mountains in South Germany, not very far from Germany's border to France. It is famous for its curative waters and healing baths and has attracted the likes of Queen Victoria, Barrack Obama and many more celebrities over the years. 

The curative water rises from a depth of around 6,500 feet under Baden-Baden, with a surface temperature of 50°C - 68°C. As the water rises to the surface, it gets mixed with different kinds of minerals that makes the water curative. People with cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory problems have benefited from the healing effects of the water. Besides, the warm spring water also aids in blood circulation. 

While there are several traditional baths to choose from, I went to the Caracalla Spa a modern thermal bath, on the recommendation of a friend. The bath has many grottoes with hot and cold water, hot water tubs, waterfalls and soothing massage jets. In the middle of the bath is a huge pool under a glass dome with crystal clear water. Elegant marble columns and pristine white floors make the interiors come alive. One is not allowed to take slippers inside. 

I took a package deal that included a massage, a free health drink and day long use of the spa facilities. After spending about an hour in the different pools, I was tempted to step into the sauna which was located on the first floor. As I was about to take the stairs to go up, I read a notice saying that the sauna was a nude area and even swimming costumes were not allowed. I have been in spas in Germany before, and am well aware about how comfortable this country is with public nudity. However, ignoring the instructions I had just read, I dared to enter the sauna in my swimming costume, and instantly felt miserably overdressed and out of place! Men and women stripped to their birthday suits, lay comfortably in the sun. The sauna rooms were also mixed. I quickly made a dash to one of the sauna rooms and followed by a jump in the ice-cold water pools, hurried away before anybody noticed my swimming costume and objected to it!