Why I quit my job to learn German

Gunjan Virk, Author - www.thingstodot.com. Photo: Utkarsh Narang.

Gunjan Virk, Author - www.thingstodot.com. Photo: Utkarsh Narang.

A few years ago, I quit my job as Creative Head of a design firm to go to Germany and learn German. Even though outwardly I may have seemed very successful, inwardly I was very unhappy. I had become part of a corporate rat-race and got attached to position, a nice salary and 5-star travel in Europe. But the more I worked, the more meaningless my life became. I could be in Paris and not have the time to visit Champs Élysées. I could be in Frankfurt and not see anything beyond the Frankfurt airport or I could be in Barcelona and not get a chance to go to the beach. So after a long struggle that continued within myself for almost one year, I quit my so-called glamorous job.

It took me almost two months to recover from the high-pressure environments my mind had gotten so used to. I joined the gym, began to meditate more and surrounded myself with friends whose company I found uplifting. Life started coming back together and I applied for a German language course at the Goethe Institute in Germany - a desire that had been burning in me for years. It didn’t matter to me whether I had a future in German language or not, all I wanted was to do something just for the joy of doing it and for the happiness it would bring me. I have to confess that it took me some amount of convincing my family members why I wanted to quit my job and why I wanted to go to Germany - am not sure they understood but they stood by me all the same!

I successfully completed 4 courses at the Goethe Institute in Munich, Germany and was awarded the B2.3 certificate, which is the minimum level of German one needs to know before applying for a job in Germany.

I loved every moment of the time I spent in Germany, met so many incredible people, traveled to 15 cities , ate delicious food and by the end spoke German like a pro!